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Our company is one of the first hand-tool manufacturers of our country. In the hand tools sector, using the cutting edge technology, we produce about 2.000 kinda of hand tools. Exporting to the 20 countries along with the Turkish market, our company provides service to several sectors including mainly automotive, manufacturing, seafaring and electric industries. As AR METAL CORP, our main targets are developing the products required by the market, manufacturing and contributing to the national economy.

The fact that the competition conditions change so fast in the world, requires non-stop innovation and development. Providing all needs and demands of the customers can be possible only by combining the customers’ needs and manufacturers’ skills. Therefore, our research and development services are carried out by the staff expert in product, pattern and metal working. Being able to meet the demands and expectations of our customers is among our priorities. Thanks to the production techniques used, selected material and Research-Development services, our company manufactures long-living, durable and functional products.

Its quality is certified by the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified management systems, along with the TSE Quality Certificates. Thus, our products are preferred in the national markets, as well as the national one.

Our target is to present our customers more value than they pay for. Protecting the consumer rights, providing after-sale services and offering life-time guarantee against the flaws are our company’s irrevocable quality policy.

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